5 Best Brake Pads for F150 Ecoboost That Are Real Quality King

Getting the most out of your Ford F150 might be what you secretly wish for. But that won’t be coming true any time sooner if you don’t bother about getting a quality set of brake pads. Both in terms of a long time safeguarding and enhancing overall performance, brake pads can help you a lot more than you’ll ever imagine.

And so, if you’ve decided to find the best brake pads for f150 Ecoboost specifically, then today’s writing is definitely for you. We are here with five of the finest recommendations that are not just great in the feature but also amazingly practical in pricing. Keep on Reading…

Best Brake Pads for F150 Ecoboost

Product’s Name Key Benefits Price
Detroit Axle Brake Rotors and Pads  Improves Truck Braking Response Details On Amazon
Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC1770 Brake Pad Kit Lasts A Long Time Details On Amazon
Bosch BC1414 QuietCast Brake Pad Set Reliable And Supportive Details On Amazon
Detroit Axle Front and Rear Ceramic Brake Pads Increase Stop In Riding Details On Amazon
Callahan CDS02000 Brake Disc Rotors and Pads Fast And Smooth Braking System Details On Amazon

Because we understand how important a careful selection of brake pad is for a Ford F150, this list of recommendations also includes complete reviews of each of them. So that you can make the final call by going through both positive and negative sides of these picks.

1. Detroit Axle Brake Rotors and Pads– Get Faster Revival with This One

Why Buy It
The Detroit Axle F150 brake pads and rotors are firm that makes sure your truck to get quick revival and response after the stop. You can on top try this kit out for driving safely and securely.

This kit features 2 front and rear brake rotors that are made out of ceramic that makes sure a good guard to use for a good while. They on top allow your truck rotor to get clear brake output with no snag of trapped gas or dust.

For the Ford 150 brakes, this kit offers 2 pairs of front and rear pads with brake hardware. They make sure good support for helping your truck braking system to feel new and energetic that support riding on any road.

Want to know the finest aspects? This kit is protected with 10 years of quality assurance for you to have a good alternative and guarantee. The brand on top makes sure their buyers are getting good client support.

And we don’t stop there. The pack comes with one brake cleaner spray and brake fluid bottle to use when in need. They on top allow your truck to get better clarity of braking to retort well.

Overall, the brake pads and rotors are an ideal pick for those of you who want fine fitting and easy to handle options. And, they are good enough to check for driving in great fit positions.


  • This brake pad and rotor are simple to fit.
  • They have a strong built that lasts for a longer period of time.
  • For the price point, it is hard to beat.
  • One of the great picks for Ford trucks.
  • They are cost-efficient and reliable to use.


  • Some people find the quality weird.

Available On Amazon

2. Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC1770 Brake Pad Kit– Toughest Option to Try Out Now

Why Buy It
The Bendix Ford F150 brake pads are made out of 4 layers of quality materials that allow your truck to do the job fine for a long while. It is also worth trying this out if you need control.

The brake pads are premium in quality that makes sure good coverage for most truck models to fit fine with no struggle. They on top make sure you are getting a better solution to get the finest truck functioning when on the roadway.

On top of that, this brake pad kit comes with a lubricant that makes sure a good soundproof braking system. It as well as allow you to better brake lubricant that helps brake noise to shoot away faster.

The package on top comes with a great set of hangtags for use when fitting the brake pads on your trucks. They as well allow your truck to run at a good speed with no snag of low speed or resistance.

In addition to that, the brake pads are a good blend of balance and stability to makes sure your truck performs well. They on top make sure good performance to meet the standards.

On the whole, this kit is a fine pick if you want an OE and 100% copper-free design for most trucks. And, it is good enough to try out for a smooth braking system to resist accidents.


  • This kit is a fine pick for the 2015 Ford 150 trucks.
  • They are made out of solid material to withstand any damages.
  • The brake pads are fine in quality and price range.
  • They have painted exterior.
  • This kit is rear side position.


  • Sadly, this kit makes the rims get dirty faster.

Available On Amazon

3. Bosch BC1414 QuietCast Brake Pad Set– Stop the Brake Noise Issue with This One

Why Buy It
The Bosch BC1414 QuietCast is one of the best brake pads Ford F150 that makes sure no noise issue. It is also worth checking out if you want to ride your truck in good speed and low sound.

With an advanced ceramic friction formula, this brake pad set allows you to get the finest quality to use well. They on top make sure good safety and protective transfer to get a smooth and fast braking system.

The brake pads are as well made out of aluminum alloy that makes sure good aero and quality to stand longer. And, they make sure you are getting fine performance to get rid of rust, oxidize, and crack benefits.

No wonder of this brake pads goodness as they come with OE Shim design that allows good functions. The brake pads on top make sure quality standards with great resistance to use on the truck with no snag.

On the face of it, this brake pad kit has a protective transfer layer with chemical formula forms that makes sure good security against spoils. They on top make sure good great extent of life.

To sum it up, this brake pad set is a great option for any driver who wants a reliable and fine performing option. It is also worth trying out if you want a long utility and stable brake pad set.


  • The brake pad set is great for F-150 and Lincoln Navigator.
  • This set is solid in design to last longer.
  • One of the finest bangs for the bucks.
  • It helps your truck to brake smoothly.
  • For the quality, it is a good pick.


  • Unluckily, the kit is hard to setup.

Available On Amazon

4. Detroit Axle Front and Rear Ceramic Brake Pads– Handle Higher Brake Temperature with This One

Why Buy It
Another mention of the Detroit Axle brand that offers quality brake pads for Ford F150 trucks. It is also great enough to try this out if you want higher brake temperatures with low heat fades.

Made out of solid ceramic material, the brake pads allow your truck to drive at full speed with no wear and tear issue. They on top make sure you are getting both front and rear brake pad kit to get rid of corrosion issues.

The brand as well comes with 10 years of quality assurance for you to get reliable quality assurance. They on top have great client support to help their buyers by solving all the questions and troubles.

And, the brake pads have copper fibers parts that allow your truck to act in great handling and faster speed. They on top allow you to get rid of dust issues with a faster reaction to stop the ride when hitting the brake.

And, this brake pad kit is a great option for the 2015 to 2017 Ford F-150 trucks with a manual parking brake to fit well. They are also a great pick for the2013 F150 brake pad replacement.

In short, the brake pads are a huge deal for most drivers who want an easy to mount and utilize options. It is also great for your truck to have an OE quality ride control and range in most cases.


  • The brake pads have 10 years of quality assurance.
  • This kit is fine for 2012 to 2014 Ford F-150 trucks.
  • The pack of 4 brake pads has good quality.
  • This kit is trouble-free to fit.
  • The brake pads are durable to stand longer.


  • Unfortunately, the package doesn’t come with rotors.

Available On Amazon

5. Callahan CDS02000 Brake Disc Rotors and Pads– Find Wear-Free Design with This One

Why Buy It
The Callahan CDS02000 is smart brake rotors and pads set that allow you to use on the truck with no wear and tear snag. It is also worth trying for you to get fine execution and resistance.

In most Ford F150 brake pad reviews, this kit is mentioned as A card that allows you to have a quieter and silent braking system to comfortably use. They on top allow you to have smoother and silky braking stops better than OE parts.

Built with stainless steel hardware, the allow you to get rid of dust or rust troubles. They on top allow you to get increased brakes even in faster riding speed on the road with no heat rakishness.

The brake pads as well have a unique formula that helps your truck to get fine brake performance with good fuel efficiency. They on top allow you to get better longevity than the metallic brake pads.

And, this kit has high-grade rotors and mold-technology pads for the braking system to boost up to 20%. They on top make sure no impact, shake or force damages while driving on the road.

In general, the brake pads and rotors are a cool pick if you want a proven and tested quality. It is also good for you to have a strong and trusty fitment to use on the most truck models.


  • The brake pads and rotors are for the front position.
  • This kit has great durability to last for a good while.
  • They are simple to install.
  • This kit has good resistance to avoid damages.
  • They are smooth and quiet to use on trucks.


  • Many people find the price expensive.

Available On Amazon

How To Choose The Brake Pads For F150 Ecoboost?

How To Choose The Brake Pads For F150 Ecoboost

With so many varieties in designs, different types of materials available, and also the size variations, it’s harder said than done to find actually worth the money brake pad set.

But with some careful ponderation, you can manage to get yourself a valid pick. What are those factors and how do these matters, let’s talk about it below?

Pay Attention to Purpose

There’s a lot to do with your driving habits for choosing a suitable brake pad set. If you need it for racing purposes, then use the high-performance varieties that come with sheer strength assurance. You need to pay attention to sits capability in surviving heavy duty applications. However, if it’s just for regular commuting, then the smoothness and noise-free characteristics will matter more. They must last long as well.

The thickness becomes your most important point to note if towing and hauling are involved. While for off-road driving needs, the brake pads should be resistant to dust for sure. Depending on the usage, there will always be a different answer to what should be your top consideration.

Matter of Material

There are organic, ceramic, and semi-metallic made brake pads available generally. However recently you can also avail of the hermaphroditic blends that combine all sorts of materials. If you need quite a performance, quick response for stopping the vehicle, and less brake dust issues, then the ceramic-made options that come with a high price will fit best.

The more affordable variety, semi-metallic brake pads are good quality for the price type that also provides a great amount of versatility. These popular within truck owners’ options are however a bit noisy.

For those who want to go cheaper routes even if it costs pricing non-durable options, organic brake pads are for you. These are very quick at wearing down but sometimes you get lucky with certain picks that are not bad actually.

Easy to Install

If you are planning for DIY installation, then it is critical to choose something that comes with easy instructions. The picks that include required hardware for example lubricants and shims are going to be really handy too.

Quick to Response

If hauling heavy loads is going to be on your agenda, then pay attention to brake pad models that offer good stoppage power. You want it to be responsive enough to handle typical situations well.

How To Change The Brake Pads?

You need jack stands, a jack, brake fluid, a socket set, and your new brake pads. Follow the steps described below:

  1. The lug nuts on your tire need to break loose. Use a jack stand to bring the truck enough above from the ground so that you can work comfortably.
  2. Get the lug nuts out and detach the tire next. Find out the caliper’s location and get rid of the two bolts on it. From the rotor, carefully pull the caliber off to place it away from the axle. You don’t want to cause any crimp or tear damage to the brake line while doing so.
  3. You should see the old brake pads sitting on the rotor. Remove it and replace it with new ones. Use some brake grease on pads bottom and top part to lessen noise. Avoid applying on the pad itself, however.
  4. Then compress the caliper using a compression tool. You need to put it back to the rotor and tightly secure it with bolts.
  5. You can also replace the tire or keep the old one. Put the lug nuts back and bring the truck down.
  6. Go to the driver’s seat and try to depress the brake pedal. It will feel soft at first, but with continuous depressing, the brake will get hard. And that’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are brake pads worth it?

The brake pads are good for maintaining a fine range of temps with stable performance with no sound issues. They are on top great for helping your truck to keep going in a long way. Also, their mess or dust is not so visible.

What needs brake pads?

Basically, the brake pads are a vital part of braking machines in a truck. They not only help your truck to avoid negative force but also support to get rid of friction. And, the brake pads help your truck brake rotors to react in a better way.

How to know when to change brake pads?

To identify if your brake pads are bad or need a replacement, you want to notice how your braking system reacts. If you see the truck make noise when pulling brake, this indicates you to immediately replace. And, the truck lights will react weirdly if the brake pads are bad.

Can I reuse brake clips?

Most brake pads come with clips or brackets that allow you to reuse with a new one. They also have a good lifespan to use on new brake pads to get rid of weird cracking noise.

Wrap Up

Looks like finding the best brake pads for f150 Ecoboost will not be confusing or overwhelming for you anymore. Now that you have a broad idea about the whole topic, choosing your ideal brake pads that go best with your f150 Ecoboost should not be delayed. Because all the performance benefits that you are missing out is too good to put aside for later. So just make a decision already and let your vehicle’s fullest potential show up.

However, if you still are confused, then take your time to research a bit more. Don’t hurryingly make a purchase that might bring you regrets later. Good Luck!