5 Best Spark Plugs for Ford 302 To Get This 2022

Your Ford 302 engine would never work its best without it’s one of the most vital components called spark plug. And when it comes to picking a suitable replacement for this part, things become way more serious and thought-provoking than you’ll ever realize. With so many choices, features, and requirements providing options, it’s definitely not simple to decide a final call on one option randomly.

To make your selection journey a bit more worth the time and your buying worth the money, we have shortlisted 5 best spark plugs for ford 302 that are practical both in price and features. Let’s Hear More About This!

Best Spark Plugs for Ford 302

We will start fresh with the complete reviews for each of the recommendations that we have for you today. Enjoy!

1. NGK V-Power UR6 8 Pack Spark Plug– Enjoy Better Fuel Support with This One

This spark plug pack comes with OEM built quality that allows the engine to never harm it even for years with less fuel spend. And, it ensures you to easily ride your truck with less fuel use up.

With the Ford 302 spark plug gap, it comes with a brilliant metal tip that ensures no gap erosion for long plug life. Not only that but also this spark plug has trivalent metal plating for longer life and seize-free support with no snag.

This spark plug on top comes with great ignitability that makes sure your engine is working better even when it has tried under lower voltage. Also, it makes sure you are riding faster by using low power.

Besides, this spark plug appears with a highly durable design that makes sure no electrical damage is occurring when attached to the engine. It also supports the ignition system for long-term usage with no low-speed snag.

In general, this spark plug pack is an ideal pick for those who want a stronger and affordable option. You can also try this out for increasing the acceleration level of your engine.


  • This spark plug pack appears with a ground strap.
  • It is great for starting the car in the winter.
  • This spark plug pack increases the horsepower.
  • It helps the engine to gain more power for smooth riding.
  • This spark plug uses less voltage to perform better.


  • Sadly, the spark plug needs to tighten.

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2. NGK Iridium TR55IX 8 Pack Spark Plug– Toughest Pick for Ford 302 Engines

The best spark plugs for Ford 302 Windsor should have a strong design made with copper for long-term usage just like the NGK Iridium TR55IX. It also allows you to use the plug for a long time.

This spark plug on top comes with resistor support that creates small vibration to get rid of electromagnetic meddling. It also allows your engine to create a good explosion with no fear of spark energy failure. This thing as well helps your engine to work fine.

With a 5-heat range support, this spark plug makes sure to get rid of all the bad effects of heat from the ignition chamber. It on top makes sure your engine is working fast with no snag of burn-in hot weather. And, this heat range ensures no snag of fouling and misfires in the winter.

Made with iridium alloy material, this spark plug tip tends to give greater protection against rust and corrosion than any material. It also ensures high density and great melting point.

On the whole, this spark plug pack is great for daily drivers who want projected type insulator and good fitting options. It is also worth trying out for the engine to create a stable spark.


  • The package appears with 8 spark plugs.
  • It appears with easy screw-in design to install easily.
  • This spark plug has a tapered style to avoid crack.
  • It lasts for a longer period of time.
  • This spark plug comes with great rust resistance ability.


  • The price of this package is higher than the others.

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3. Champion RS9YC Copper Plus Spark Plug– Avoid Gap Erosion Option with This One

For the coolest Ford 302 spark plugs that resist gap erosion, the Champion RS9YC Copper Plus stands on the top. It comes with a strong plug tip that makes sure no gap erosion for better usage.

Made with ISO and SAE standards built quality, this spark plug makes sure your truck engine is getting tested performance for not fearing of damages. Besides, it makes sure your truck engine is working well when riding or idle.

But wait, that is not all. This spark plug also comes with a patented SAC-9 semi-conductor resistor that makes sure your truck is free from radio reception. It as well as makes sure your truck is riding fine with no electrical noises.

On top, it appears with a copper core center electrode that makes sure your truck engine is operating smoothly so that you can control the truck easily. This thing also makes sure good control of heat range for long term usage.

If you want a reliable and durable spark plug for your engine, then it is the finest option you want to try. It is also worth giving a try for increased conductivity and power


  • It appears at a decent price point.
  • This spark plug pack has great oil and heat resistance.
  • The spark plug is great in quality to transfer power explosion.
  • Great pick for Ford Mustang 302 engines.
  • It appears with great durability and longevity.


  • Sadly, the client service doesn’t reply faster.

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4. NGK Iridium TR55IX Spark Plug– Find Good Thread Size with This One

With perfect Ford 302 spark plug size, it comes with a great 14mm thread range that allows fitting easy. It on top makes sure you are easily placing the spark plug into the engine to fit fast.

This spark plug also comes with 5 heart range that allows your engine to work better with no heat snag in the hot weather. It also makes sure no snag of misfires in the cold weather too.

On top of that, this spark plug comes with a fine center electrode that is made with a thick design to makes sure longer lifespan benefits. It also makes sure your engine is getting more spark energy.

Built with copper material, this spark plug comes with longer-lasting performance with no rust snag. It also allows no crack or loses fit after installing on the engine.

In short, this spark plug is a big blessing for any driver who prefers tapered seat style with 5/8 wrench size for Ford 302 engines. It is also good for fast and consistent spark power.


  • One of the great picks for high-performance engines.
  • For the price range, it is hard to beat.
  • The spark plug has great resistance ability to avoid rust.
  • It helps the truck engine to produce good power.
  • Great pick for Ford 302 engines.


  • It tends to get dirty overtimes.

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5. NGK Iridium IX UR45IX Spark Plug– Get Rid of Heat Damage with This One

This spark plug appears with triple-sealed protection to give greater security against heat. It also makes sure your engine is working fine with no snag of misfires or overheating.

With fine-wire Iridium center electrode, this spark plug makes sure great durability. It on top makes sure your engine is working fine with a stable and fast spark with no snag of burn out.

In addition to that, this spark plug is made with iridium alloy that makes sure a very high melting point. It on top comes with 4 heat range that makes this spark plug hotter type to resist low production of power.

This spark plug also appears with corrugated ribs that are placed in the insulator to increase the gap for getting rid of flashover. It also helps your truck engine to work smoothly.

Overall, this spark plug is a decent pick if you want a superior strength and leakage proof options. You can try this out for making improving engine responses.


  • This package comes with 8 spark plugs.
  • Great pick for the price range.
  • This spark plug pack is good for Ford Thunderbird 1991-1992 engines.
  • It has a strong built quality that lasts for a long while.
  • For the quality, it is hard to beat.


  • This spark plug wire is hard to setup.

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How To Pick The Spark Plugs For Ford 302

After reading the ford 302 spark plugs review you definitely want to know how to pick one. Finding the finest Ford 302 spark plugs is not that hard with good research. Check out the following aspects that will help you find the right spark plugs:

Types of Material

Before picking the spark plugs, you want to check the material. You see, material that lasts long and avoids fuel loss gives good support to the spark plug. Here are some material types that will help you to pick easily:


This type of material is mostly simple and common that comes at a decent price. The copper material is also good for higher execution, capability, and long lifespan.


Another material that gives great execution and fuel use is platinum. Yet, they are cheaper in price point than the other types. The platinum materials also last for a longer period of time than copper.


Iridium materials are stand on the best place than other types. They tend to gives good fuel consumption, stability, and strength ability so that the spark plug performs well. Yet, the Iridium material has a higher price point than others.

Check the Heat Insulator

The heat insulator is another essential fact that you want to check before picking a spark plug. You see, spark plugs tend to get hot or cold depending on the temperature capability for heat insulator.

To be honest, the hot spark plug indicates a better heat insulator than the cold one. So, check that before picking one.

Size Matters

Another thing you want to consider is the size of the spark plugs. You definitely want to get the right size spark plugs to fit in your truck to provide the right sparks to the fuel for creating perfect engine power. Therefore, makes sure you have picked spark plugs that have good size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of spark plugs?

There are many benefits of spark plugs which makes sure your truck run smoothly and boosts up better. Spark plugs usually help your truck to spend fuel-less and enhanced the overall performance to run faster.
They as well as allow your truck engine to react well and fast. Not only that, but spark plugs also help the truck engine to rest while not working.

How often should I replace the spark plugs?

It actually depends on the spark plugs condition that you have. If you have good quality spark plugs in your truck, then it should last for a longer period of time. Yet, if your spark plugs are performing bad or affecting the engine ignition system, then it’s high time to change them.

How to identify bad spark plugs?

To find out if your spark plugs are bad, there are some common symptoms. Bad spark plugs usually cause in fact low acceleration, bumpy idle, excessive fuel-spend, and so on. Also, they affect engine performance by making it work at a low speed.

Final Thoughts

And that brings us to the very end of today’s discussion on finding the best spark plugs for ford 302. These five models are definitely rich in features and cost-effective overall. But there are many other options to try and you may come across on suitable model while doing your own research.

So, take your time, think wisely and by the end of your selection journey, hopefully, you’ll get close to your best bet.