3 Best Battery for FJ Cruiser – A Powerful Battery Survives the Longest

If you are someone who goes out on adventures any time, anywhere with your every day’s buddy FJ Cruiser, then the stability of your FJ Cruiser can be the response on how smooth the journey is going to be in the long run.

Talking about stability, the battery you are using in your FJ Cruiser defines pretty much about the experience while riding it. The best battery for FJ Cruiser makes sure the durability, the best performance, and, most of all, safety for you and your family.

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Battery Name


Optima D34M BlueTop Battery

Optima D34M BlueTop is designed as a dual function battery. This battery also makes sure strong cranking and carefree power to starting and deep cycle.
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Delphi BU9035 MaxStart

With a premium value and quality, this battery has a great range and power to help the car start and idle fine. It also has superior vibration and rust resistance.
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Optima 8040-218
This battery comes with the finest C20 capacity for up to 48-ampere hours. It also has 15 times more resistant to vibration or shock for long-term usage.
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Best Battery For FJ Cruiser

Now let’s take a look at the top battery for  your FJ Cruiser:

1. Optima D34M BlueTop Battery– Dual Purpose Battery with better Power Reservation Capacity

The Optima battery serves starter and deeply in work both kinds of cells. The starting battery, which you can recognize from the dark gray case, comes of use when the only difficulty is starting the engine.

Used in:  Alarm system, expanding battery life, in case of rapid recharge, audio system in any type of vehicle.

On the contrary, the advanced deep cycle battery in the light gray case is highly recommendable not only for starting the engine but also provides better cranking power.

 Used in: Heavy types of equipment, motors, different marine, and Rv applications.

See-through the advantages and disadvantages and you can decide yourself if this is the best battery for FJ Cruiser or not:


  • Recharges more than three times.
  • Adequate power reserving capacity.
  • Highly dedicated to starting the engine.
  • Easily mountable in any position.
  • Vibrations resistant not less than 15 times.
  • Reduced maintenance.


  • Some face problems in recharging the battery and using it again.

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2. Delphi BU9035 MaxStart– A Battery with Manifold Ventilating Option

Delphi Maxstart batteries have a CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) of 680 that provides an outstanding performance. In modern automobile cars, the more CCA your battery has, the higher the performance will be.

The 100 RC (Reserve Capacity) of this battery helps it sustain the charge for 100 minutes in 25 amps of load. And its HR is 50, meaning it can provide the maximum amount of power at 20 amp.

Its extended amount of vibration resistance is superior to other traditional batteries. The AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology in Delphi batteries providesa two times improved life cycle.

It is a 40 Lbs of group 35 battery that fits your Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD easily.If you have the 2014 model of FJ Cruiser with a 4.0 L 6 Cylinder engine, you can rely on this.


  • Can resist vibration 20 times than others
  • Optimal compression of the components
  • Comes with a superior type of straps
  • Designed to work under acute temperature
  • Ideal CCA for any time startup
  • Provides resistance to corrosion


  • Little bit pricey

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3. Optima 8040-218– Maintenance-Free Durable Battery

It is the yellow top battery of Optima out of three. It has 620 CCA, which is enough for a startup in any situation.

The 90 minutes of RC help providecontinuous performance with an ideal charging and discharging cycle.

The Optima dual-purpose battery can provide the perfect startup power in any weather, rough or good. It has a vibration resistance of 15 times than others, which makes it quite durable.

Optima yellow top batteries have 48 hoursof charge store capacity at 20 amp. It is three times durable and perfect to use in the vehicles having high-demanded electronics parts.


  • Maintenance-free installing
  • Non-spill able
  • Unparalleled recharge-ability
  • Spiral cell module of Lead plates coating


  • Self-discharging rate is lower
  • Better for using seasonal basis

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How to Choose the Best Batteries for FJ Cruiser?

When replacing a battery, you must keep in mind some significant facts. For your betterment, we are showing the points for Toyota FJ Cruiser battery so that you can choose the right pick.

FJ Cruiser Battery Group Size

When choosing a car battery, it is vital to check the group size first. Without the right group size, you can’t make the right fit for the vehicle.

Well, for FJ Cruiser, it would be better to find the batteries of 35 group size. Some battery specifications are shown R35, which also represents the group size.

If you fail to choose the right group size, you can be a victim of not fitting the battery into the vehicle.

More CCA Maximum Power

The Cold Cranking Ampere is as much important as other features. The CCA number will tell you the startup power supply from the battery. The more the CCA is, the higher the power supply you will get.

In acute cold temperatures, it helps much. For FJ Cruiser, you can look for batteries with more than 600 CCA.

Cell Module Type

In the maximum batteries, you may find two different types of cell modules. One is the AGM technology, and the other is the spiral cell technology with Lead plates.

Both types of batteries are good enough. But the variance can be brand to brand.

If you ask for the Toyota Fj Cruiser battery, then we must say yes for both. But if your Fj Cruiser has several advanced auto parts technology, you should go for the spiral cell type battery.

It will provide a higher power performance with the right amount of life cycle.

Do Not Buy the Old One

In the case of replacing batteries in the car, some may suggest buying the second hand one. Don’t make this mistake of purchasing an old battery for your vehicle.
Unless you personally know the person from whom you are buying, you should not think of this. Purchasing a second-hand battery means taking the risk of further sudden discharges.

Check for the battery Manufacturing Date

Don’t buy the batteries that are so old and lying for a long time in the stores. Always check the store has quite an average amount of batteries available.

You can also check the date from the battery seal.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why my FJ Cruiser’s battery can’t reserve charge?

There could be various reasons for it. Initially, it happens when your battery is quite old and is at the end time of its life. But if it is not the case, we presume your battery was on task without your knowledge like a turned on light or an opened door in your FJ Cruiser the whole night as it uses the reserved power.

How much CCA is enough to run a battery?

The full form of CCA goes for Cold Cranking Amps. The battery’s ability to start the engine in heavy cold weather is the assigned work for cranking. Different countries have different temperatures. But to cope up with the situation anytime and as we know higher  CCA increases battery life, try to select the one which provides the highest score of CCA.

What is the difference between the MCA Rate and CCA Rate of a battery?

MCA defines Marine Cranking Amperes, and CCA is for Cold Cranking Amperes. They are similar except their measuring process.  The MCA measuring temperature is 32°F, whereas the CCA measuring temperature is 0°F.

Final Words

Any car battery lasts for 3 to 5 years on average. After this period, you need to replace your battery with a good one.

In this post, we have shown some of the best battery for FJ Cruiser to power up your Toyota car up to your satisfaction.

And you can be grateful for the detailed buying guide that we mentioned above. Read this to get the usual solution to the problem of FJ Cruiser battery light on from the dash.