9 Best Fender Flares for F150 That Are Top Rated by Experts!

People with huge or offset tires often think about getting a new set of fender flares. This is also the case with someone who prefers rugged looks more. The tendency to hit those off-road trails will become more fun with the right fender flares.

With proper fender flares, your stance will be widened and your vehicle will have this charming aggressive touch to it. Not to mention the oversized room that will be available for your oversized tires. Even those mud won’t be a problem anymore for keeping your vehicle clean.

But for all of these to happen, you need to find the finest fender flares. Today we will be talking about 9 best fender flares for f150 that you would love to invest in. Keep on Reading!

Best Fender Flares for F150

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
MaxMate Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Premium Fender Flares Polypropylene Scratchproof And Heatproof Details On Amazon
Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4168 Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Fender Flare Set Stainless Steel Fine For Any Weather Details On Amazon
Monkey Autosports Ford F150 OE Design Fender Flares ABS Plastic Composite Light In Weight Details On Amazon
Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4018 Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Fender Flare Set Stainless Steel Strong And Flexible Details On Amazon
RDJ Trucks PRO-Offroad Bolt-On Style Fender Flares OE Grade Polypropylene Smooth Surface Details On Amazon
DNA MOTORING WF-F15009-88BK Side Wheel Fender Flares OE Grade Polypropylene Nice Finish And Quality Details On Amazon
Monkey Autosports Ford F150 OE Design Fender Flares ABS Plastic Composite Fine For Daily Use Details On Amazon
Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4028 Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Fender Flare Set Polypropylene Protects Truck Body Details On Amazon
Proven Ground Raptor Style Fender Flares ABS Plastic Composite Simple To Install Details On Amazon

Let’s go for the complete breakdown of the 9 Fender flares that we want to recommend to you.

1. MaxMate Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Premium Fender Flares– Get Edge Trim Design with This One

The best fender flares for Ford F150 from the MaxMate brand appears with edge trim design that helps users to avoid friction. It on top makes sure you are using it with no scratches or spots.

Made out of marine-grade stainless steel, the rivets are really strong and tough to stand still while installing with no crack or break. They also make sure you are easily using it to attach the fender flares in your F150 truck. With this benefit, you can use them with no rust snag too.

But wait, that is not all. The fender flares have an awesome size and fit for use in the 2004-2008 Ford F-150 trucks. They as well as appear in 6.5 inches height in the front and 6.75 inches in the back area. Also, they have tire coverage for up to 2 inches in front and back.

Want to know the finest part? The fender flares come with 4 pieces in one pack to use in your front and back wheels for driver and passenger sides. They on top make sure you are fitting them by reading the text and image guide. It also should take 2 hours to install them rightly.

On the whole, the fender flares are big deal for anyone who prefers 100% smoother, protective, and good looking options. You can also try them for making your truck look brand new.


  • They are easy to install.
  • For the price, they are hard to beat.
  • The fender flares have 60 months of quality assurance.
  • Great pick for the 2005 F150.
  • They appear with great building and material quality.


  • Some people don’t like the style.

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2. Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4168 Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Fender Flare Set– Paintable Option to Try Out Now

If you want F150 fender flares painted and smooth matte black exterior, then the Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4168 is your best bet. It on top makes sure you are painting the surface with no snag.

The fender flares on top are made from the anti-aging polypropylene material that makes sure you are using it for a long-term period. Thanks to its construction of the fender flairs that will help your truck to find better flexibility. The flairs are also making sure better performance.

On top of that, the fender flares come with 100% UV protected design that makes sure they are getting rid of heat damages. Mostly your truck would get touch with the sun heat if riding outside that will result in damage. But not with this flair set as they have UV-resistance ability.

And, the fender flares come with a weatherproof design that ensures you are using your truck outside in rainy or snowy conditions with no snag. They are on top ensures you are having no snag of peeling snag. The flairs also ensure the snow or mud isn’t touching on your truck wheel.

In general, the fender flairs are a huge blessing if you are one of those who want an easy mounting design and a fine-textured surface. They are also good for trying if you want a rough and tough finish.


  • One of the coolest options for 2015 to 2017 Ford F150.
  • The fitment of the fender flares is excellent.
  • They last for a longer period of time.
  • The price of the fender flares is reasonable.
  • They come with a tough and nice finish.


  • A few people find the instruction guide unclear.

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3. Monkey Autosports Ford F150 OE Design Fender Flares– No Drill Need To Mount with This One

Monkey Autosports is a trustworthy brand that offers excellent fender flares set with installation kit and easy to follow instructions. On top, you need no drill for an easy fit.

The fender flares as well as are built with light, strong, and flexible ABS plastic composite to ensure no break or crack snag. On top of that, it makes sure you are simply using the settings in your truck with no snag of splits. The fender flares also have the anti-shock ability to never fall from the truck.

Naturally, the fender flares set comes with a blacklight OE satin textured finish that makes sure good looks with a smooth feel. It as well as makes sure you are increasing the beauty of your truck appearances. The fender flares are also coatable that allow you to layer the surface with no pre standing.

And we are not stopping here as the brand comes with 24 months of quality assurance for users to have a decent replacement. They on top make sure their buyers are getting fine repair and restore benefits. The warranty is only granted against cracks, wraps, or defects of the product.

If you are one of those who prefer a patent-pending clip system and 3M tape for secure hold fender flares, then this set is what you need to try out. It’s also good for keeping debris away.


  • The fender flares come with brilliant quality built and fit.
  • They are quite simple to set up.
  • The clips are really great in durability.
  • They are light in weight.
  • The brand given client service is good in giving advice.


  • Need to remove the mud flaps before installing them.

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4. Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4018 Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Fender Flare Set– Rust-Free Solution for Your F150 Truck

The F150 smooth fender flares should come with rust-free tools so that users can use them for a long time just like the Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4018. It also allows you to use it with no peel issue.

But, that’s just the beginning. The fender flares set also comes with good tire coverage fitment that fits not more than 2 inches in both sides. On top, they make sure a good fit with 6.5 inches in front and 6.75 inches in back flare length to match with your truck.

Prepared with anti-aging polypropylene material, the fender flares also make sure better toughness and stability. They on top make sure you are driving in any place with no fear of dropping them. As the fender flares are made with strong material, they won’t break easily.

For those who prefer coloring their fender flares for styling their trucks, then this set is actually DIY paintable. They as well as make sure you are using any spray or paint color to decorate them with no snag. In addition to that, the set has even surfaced that helps the color to blend easily.

In short, the set is a great pick for those who want 4 pieces of fender flares that have nick-free designs to avoid abrasion. It is also worth trying out if you want easy and pain-free installation.


  • The fender flares appear with excellent quality and features.
  • They are great in looks and stability.
  • The fender flares are super easy to paint.
  • To install, they need no drill or tool.
  • The client service is amazing for solving the trouble.


  • Only for use in bigger tires.

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5. RDJ Trucks PRO-Offroad Bolt-On Style Fender Flares– Keep Out Of Debris with This One

The PRO-Offroad fender flares come with an incredible design that allows users to drive with no debris or rock contact. They on top make sure your F150 truck is free from mud or other filths.

The fender flares on top are made out of the polypropylene that is a strong and sturdy material. They as well as make sure no snag like other cheap parts since this set lasts for a longer time. With this benefit, you don’t have to the terror of crack or rip snag for decades.

We are also in love with their latest and enhanced design that allows you to enjoy no fade or chalk snag. The smooth black matte finish of the fender flares actually gives your truck a fresh look. It also allows you to use any color to match with your truck that doesn’t die away easily.

The RDJ brand on top comes with 3 years of warranty service for their buyers to find a good way to replace. They also ensure their buyers are totally happy with the purchase. Besides, the client service is good for solving the product-related troubles.

Overall, this fender flares set is an ideal pick if you desire marine grade steel hardware and a good-quality option for Ford F150 2009-2014 trucks. They are also good to try for OE approved set.


  • The fender flares are smooth in the surface to paint easily.
  • They are simple to set up and fit.
  • The instruction guide is easy to read.
  • Great pick for 2011 F150 Platinum 6.2 trucks.
  • The fender flares set appears with 4 pieces.


  • Some people don’t like the price reasonable.

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6. DNA MOTORING WF-F15009-88BK Side Wheel Fender Flares– Pocket-Riveted Style To Try Out Now

Another fender flares that hard not to be mention is the DNA MOTORING WF-F15009-88BK that has a pocket-riveted style with bolt-on design. It also makes sure you are getting a tough and severe look.

Unlike other fender flares set, they come with premium quality parts at a fair price point. The fender flares set actually makes sure you are getting the preferred quality while using for years with no crack or other snags. They on top make sure they last for a good while.

On the face of them, they come with an amazing structure that makes sure 100% UV security against heat. The fender flares also make sure no damages even if they are touch with direct heat for long hours. The makeup of fender flares also makes sure no cracks.

No wonder of the fender flares amazing ability against rust for their strong and rough design. They on top make sure you are having no chalking or warping snags for years of use. The fender flares as well make sure you are using on your truck in any weather with no snag.

By and large, the fender flares set is a brilliant pick for anyone who wants to improve truck looks. You can also try them if you are looking for 1.5 inches in front and rear tire coverage.


  • The clips are super strong in design.
  • They are compatible with 2009 to 2014 F-150 trucks.
  • The fender flares are great in construction to last long.
  • They appear in the perfect fit and size.
  • The fender flares are trouble-free to put in.


  • A few people don’t like client service.

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7. Monkey Autosports Ford F150 OE Design Fender Flares– Right Fitment Option to Try Out Now

This fender flares set is a reliable option for using in 2009-2014 FORD F-150 trucks. They on top come in 4 pieces that allow you to use on the given models with a precise fitment.

In addition to that, the fender flares are usually light in weight that makes sure you are carrying it with no bulky feel. You definitely don’t want to put heavy fender flares in your truck as it can result in some scratches when fitting. So, this set is totally lighter that allows it to travel easily.

On top of that, this fender flare set is designed with strong and durable ABS plastic material that makes them long-standing. No matter which road you are driving, the fender flares make sure no snag of impact. They also allow you to use them in any critical road with no snag.

The fender flares set on top comes with brilliant patent pending clips system to easily install. They on top make sure no snag of rust or oxidize even if contacting with rain, sun heat, or snow.

Generally speaking, they are an excellent choice for those who want stylish fender flares that protect the sides of their F150 trucks. The fender flares are also fine for a good fit and finish.


  • They are helpful for throwing the dirt away from the vehicle.
  • The fender flares look nice and attractive.
  • They have a stunning finish and good in quality.
  • The fender flares are decent in price point.
  • They need no drill or wire to install.


  • Many people find the clip tools fragile.

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8. Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4028 Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Fender Flare Set– Get Injecting Molding Option with This One

With an even thickness and injecting molding fender flares, the Tyger Auto TG-FF8F4028 makes sure high force to defend against debris. The set also ensures your truck is having better recital to avoid crashes.

The package on top comes with easy to read and clear-cut instruction guide for users to understand. It is as well as written in simple English for anyone to get the process of installation real quick. The instruction guide also suggests using little drilling for fitting tight.

Besides, the fender flares have flare height in 8 inches the front and 9 inches in the back area so that you can easily attach them with better protection. Not only that but also they have tire coverage in the front 2.4 inches and 2 inches in the back.

And, the brand comes with Tiger limited lifetime warranty against material cracking, wrapping or other manufacturer defects. They on top make sure their buyers are satisfied with the quality. Also, to get the warranty, you don’t need extra money.

As a rule, the fender flares are a good pick if you want an anti-aging construction and high flexibility options. It is also decent to try out if you want better durability.


  • Good pick for 2009-2014 Ford F150 trucks.
  • The package comes with a clear-cut instruction guide.
  • They appear with good quality and design.
  • The fender flares are easy to maintain.
  • Ideal pick for the price point.


  • It needs 2 hours to install the fender flares perfectly.

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9. Proven Ground Raptor Style Fender Flares– LED Accent Lighting Option to Try Out

The fender flares set comes with great amber LED lighting options in the corner of the front sides for extra safety. It also gives a better shield at the night time to see as an optional headlight.

The Ford F150 fender flares OEM quality and durability is another feature that makes this set outstanding. They on top are made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material that makes sure good stability and resistance ability. This set is also light in weight and impact-free.

On top, the fender flares are raptor style that makes sure good looks, rugged finish and smart design for most F150 trucks. They are also a great option for protecting your truck’s aluminum body. The fender flares as well as make sure your truck is out of damages and scratches.

Amazingly, they come with a standard fit and finish that makes them durable. The fender flares on top have decent fitment that only suitable for F-150 models. Besides, they are strong in design with a classy dark charcoal textured finish.

To sum it up, the fender flares are a smart pick if you prefer a ground proven and good-quality option for your off and on-road usage. It is also a good choice to check out for dazzling appeal.


  • The screws are made strong and last long.
  • They come with brilliant style and construction.
  • Straightforward to setup.
  • The price of this set is logical for experts.
  • They help to decorate your truck in a good way.


  • Sadly, the brand offers no quality assurance benefits.

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Factors to Choose the Best Fender Flares for F150

To find the finest fender flares for Ford F150 needs some consideration which you want to take care of. As there are different designs and styles of fender flares, it is hard to pick one. So, here are some aspects which you want in your picked fender flares:

Fitment Matters

Truly the first and foremost aspect you need in fender flares for your F150 is the fitment. You see, if you want fender flares for your F150 truck, it should be right in the fit and size. So, check your truck model, years, and construction to your picked one.

Check the Design

Another aspect that you need to check is the design of the fender flares for the F150 truck. In fact, there are some types of fender flares such as a pocket, cutout, street, OEM, and others.

The pocket style fender flares actually come with attractive pins set and attach with tough glue tape and sheet screws. While, on the other hand, the cutout style fender flares need cutting sheet screws to attach the F150.

And, the street style fender flares come with a little bendy design that is similar to the pocket style with no bolt attach. Conversely, OEM style fender flares have small width yet cover the wheels. So, depends on your choice of fender flares style, it is better to go with one.

Material Facts

The next thing you want to check out in your selected fender flares is the material them. Most brands come with fender flares that are made out of strong ABS, polypropylene plastic, metal, rubber, and other materials.

Based on the material quality, you can assure longer-lasting usage benefits. While ABC and polypropylene plastic fender flares are good in value and lasting yet coated with paint, the metal materials have more durability. Yet, metal-constructed fender flares are pricey than the others.

Also, the rubber fender flares have a bendy design that ensures good attachment and protection for the F150 truck. Even though they are not for long-term use, the rubber fender flares come at a cheaper price point.

So, if you want a built-to-last or well-priced fender flares, go with one depending on your preference.

Consider the Ease of Installation

For DIY people, you definitely want to go with fender flares that are easy to mount. The fender flares that are hard to install will outcome you to spend more money on getting the help of experts. If you have no plan for spending more money, try choosing one that has ease of fitting.

Fender Flares or Mud Flaps

There are many debates between the fender flares and mud flaps of their specifications. Some people find the fender flares best while others prefer mud flaps for their features. If we compare them by putting them side by side, there is a clear winner.

Most 2006-2019 Ford F150 fender flares actually have better protection ability against the mud, dirt, and rocks attacks for their brilliant construction and design. Unlike the mud flaps, the fender flares are really durable and stand for a good while.

Also, they don’t get an effect due to an impact on uneven roads. However, the fender flares are expensive in price points.

On the other side, the mud flaps appear with good quality and durability at an excellent price range. They on top make sure to keep your vehicle front and backside out of debris or rocks.

Yet, the mud flaps actually designed to allow debris to go in the wrong direction sometimes. Unlike fender flares, the mud flaps don’t help to throw up the rock and debris at an angle.

Now, after reading both advantages and cons of them, we find the fender flares frontrunner for the F150 truck. They look destructive while taking care of the debris like a master.

How To Install Fender Flares On F150?

To install easily the fender flares on F150, there are some rules you want to follow. It would only take an hour to install them in the F150 truck. So, let’s get started:

Remove the Bolts

The first thing you want to do is to remove all the bolts that are attached to the wheels if your truck has older fender flares attached. Make sure to check the fit of your fender flares. After you are done removing the bolts, go to the next step.

Check If Your Truck Have Fender Flares Holes or Not

Next, you want to check if your truck has fender flares holes or not. If you see there are no holes, then make sure to do some light drill to make clear holes for attaching fender flares. The fender flares should come with a template to give you an idea to easily drill the new holes.

Install the New Bolts to Attach the Fender Flares

After that, you want to attach the new fender flares where you have made the new holes. Then, insert all the bolts to the holes and use a screwdriver to attach them tightly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are fender flares?

The fender flares are a shield style that usually sits close to the wheel and bendy in design for fitting in the truck. They properly come in a good variety of styles, colors, shapes to go with your desire. For those who have large wheels, it is legally needed.

Do fender flares effective?

Fender flares are an effective tool that you want to give extra protection for your F150 truck. They on top make sure you are securing the truck from the debris, rocks, and other filths. For that reason, many people get the best fender flares for F250.

Is it safe to drive without fender flares?

Even though there is no strict rule which you need to put fender flares yet it is better for a safe drive. Basically, if your truck is designed with big tires that tend to attach the mud or rocks, then it’s better to put on.

How much fender flares cost?

Based on different quality and features, the 2006-2018 Ford F150 fender flares come in between $110 to $350 price range. It actually can be superior or cheaper if the quality is higher or lower. However, if you prefer custom painted fender flares, it would cost above a thousand dollars.

Do fender flares have an effect on mpg?

Yes, the fender flares effects on mpg. You see, some fender flares has a different design that allows your truck to increase or decrease mpg. Also, fender flares has design that repels air throughout the wheel that affects mpg.

Do fender flares lawful?

You see some fender flares have legal needs for using in the trucks if the wheels are larger in size. It actually depends on which area you live in. Yet, most area prefers a lawful need for using in the big wheel included trucks.


And that was our take on some of the best fender flares for f150 with amazing features and price points. From the stylistic perspective to the efficiency that protects your f150, there’s so much a competent fender flare can offer.

But to make that happen you must choose something of quality and pay a practical price for it. So, take your time and think carefully about which one option would best serve your requirements and then go for purchasing it. Best of Luck on That!