How To Reset Throttle Position Sensor Ford- 5 Most Common Steps Explained!

The possible culprit behind a bad engine issue of your Ford could be the throttle body system. Finding how to reset throttle position sensor ford and applying it yourself will take barely a few minutes and some willpower.

Being able to deal with the reset need yourself will also help you solve such engine matters in emergencies. If you witness idling and acceleration problems quite often, it’s high time to go for the reset. And delaying the thing will most probably bring further problems that directly connect to your Ford’s engine. You should be already realizing the importance of a proper reset.

So, if you are looking forward to learning a very easy method along with some helpful tips to work with for the process, then today’s piece of writing is for you. Enjoy!

How To Reset Throttle Position Sensor Ford – General Tips

Ford truck will cause throttle or idle issues due to throttle position sensor symptoms. If you are facing the same hitches, it’s time to learn about how do you reset throttle position sensor. In fact, the steps are not that hard if you follow the right tricks and tools.

Resetting the throttle position sensor needs lots of patience and safety.

Ford usually has different models that may need separate tricks to reset rightly. Besides, a good throttle position sensor improves truck speed, idle, shifting, and so on. You need to be cautious and patient before doing actual steps. Here are a few tricks that will help to reset well.

Prepare Safe Equipment

Taking safe equipment is an essential thing you should do before trying resetting processes. As you’ll contact Ford trucks parts, hand gloves and clean clothes are a must item to wear. Also, ensure a good distance to electric parts that can damage severely.

Wearing a mask is a good habit if you have allergies or sensitivity. It may protect users from dirt or debris entering.

Do you want to know which types of hand gloves or masks are good? If so, just be sure to take rubber insulated or leather protective gloves. And, grab a surgical mask that works great against dirt.

Create A Neat Workstation

A clean space with all the essential tools will help greatly to focus on the resetting steps. You see, resetting the throttle position sensor is a big task that will give headaches if the workstation feels messy.

Also, makes sure where you are going to do the following process has enough lighting. If your workstation is not clean, then take a micro fabric cloth with a sprayer to spotless the areas. Also, organize tools in a proper formation.

A clean workplace will prevent mishaps and help to work peacefully.

Use High-Quality Tools

Before you head to the steps, be sure to take high-quality mechanisms. A cheap quality tool will eventually feel less functional and handy to work with. Also, resetting the throttle sensor on the Ford truck is a big task that needs professional tools.

For that, a fine quality tool that doesn’t break or crack nuts of Ford truck. Even if the tools cost more, still bear in mind they help most when resetting the throttle position sensor.

Resetting Throttle Position Sensor Ford

Does your Ford start to perform in low acceleration, poor power, and difficult gear shifting? It indicates your Ford throttle position sensor needs a fresh reset. This issue actually solves if you readjust the throttle position sensor in the right way.

A reset of the throttle position sensor grants fast airflow in the engine.

In short, it is a tiny sensor part that helps your Ford truck to run faster when you press the accelerator. The throttle position sensor also helps you get the ideal idle if it works with no bad symptoms. Now, grab all the tools down below and move to the actual process.

Tools You Need:

  • An Impact Driller
  • A Jumper Cable
  • Screwdriver Set
  • Clean Cloth
  • Safety Hand Gloves
  • Safety Mask

Step-1: Open Hood & Cover the Battery Terminator

The first thing we do to reset throttle position sensor Ford rightly is opening the hood of the truck. Makes sure to attach the hood support struts as you have many works to do. After that, we have cleaned the upper areas of the battery in the truck.

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Be sure to arrange all the tools that are needed to continue. Then, we have taken the negative battery clamp out of ignition using an impact driller. This may take a few seconds to do. Next, grab a clean cloth not to wipe but to cover as an insulator.

After that, put the clean cloth on the negative battery post to cover it well. try to wear gloves and a mask when doing this process. This way you can protect your hand from touching or contacting as it can harm severely. And, makes sure not to attach the nuts.

Step-2: Remove The Jumper Cable & Battery Clamp

After that, take a jumper cable that is enough in length to place on the truck battery. Then, we have attached the jumper cable to one part on the positive side.

Both positive and negative sides are easy to locate next to battery posts. Makes sure when you are doing this process the Ford truck is not starting.

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And then, we have placed another part of the jumper cable on the negative side of the battery posts. It will also help shorten out the capacitors on the inside of the PCMs or other modules. Also, ensure the jumper cable and battery posts on both sides have good contact.

Wait for a few minutes to ensure a fresh start. Then, we have taken out the positive side of the battery post and then the negative side. This is the safest way to avoid injury. And then, attach the battery clamp back on the battery post by using the impact driller.

Step-3: Turn Off All The Accessories

This step is very easy as you need to shut down all the accessories that bloom when you start the trucks. Turn off your truck headlight so that it doesn’t shine. We find it easy by removing the headlights from the car when doing this process using the Torx and Philips screwdriver.

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Besides, makes sure your AC is turned off if you don’t want trouble. Also, don’t forget to turn off the blower motor, wiper, and rear defrost that usually operate.  After you have turned off all the big accessories like that, go to the next step.

Step-4: Start The Truck In Idle Position

Now, it’s time to keep your Ford truck in an idle position. For that, we have tried putting the key on the truck ignition slowly. You need to gently move the key that is attached. Once you have done turning on the ignition, give time so that cluster can prove out.

It will show you all the lights including GPS, dash, center console, and other things. A ding dong sound will prove that it is approved out finely. Now, you need to turn on the Ford truck. After that, the Ford truck should be in an idle position for 10-15 minutes.

We find it very effective to easily reach the full operating temperature of a healthy truck. You just need to keep your truck in the same state without doing anything to get the perfect full hot values. After that, ensure to wait for another 5 minutes for base idle trim before turning off.

Step-5: Press The Throttle To Reset Perfectly

Next, you need to put your key on to start your Ford truck normally. After you hear a beeping noise, put your one leg on the accelerator pedal to press slowly and leave quickly as possible. This way we find it very effective to reset well. Makes sure to turn off the truck.

Yet, you have 2 more to go. After that, it’s time to turn off the truck by turning the keys on a counterclockwise position. Take a break for a minute. Again, turn on your Ford truck by twisting the key.

Then, when the beep sound stops, you need to press the accelerator pedal in the same manner. Shut down your truck and wait for a moment. Next, you need to do the exact process to ensure the reset. Fit your truck headlight using a screwdriver if you have removed it before.

Lastly, we have tested out by starting the truck to ensure throttle position sensor problems are fully solved.

Wrap Up

That was our guideline and tips on how to reset throttle position sensor ford the right way and avoid any problem. There can be many symptoms that indicate a quick reset need. For example, having poor power or weird surge during acceleration. Sometimes it also results in hard gear shifting or at least delay it. If you feel like your Ford is suffering from such signs then you must take the necessary step as soon as possible. Also, it’s a good idea to occasionally inspect the throttle body to see if there’s a need for any type of modification. If you are a person who pays enough attention to the maintenance need of the vehicle, it’s less likely for you to face unexpected damage or a situation.